Carlsbro CSD600 Electronic Drum Kit


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Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kit CSD600


The Carlsbro CSD600 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit is a kit that comprises of five drums, four cymbals and four layer fabric skins with the new Commander 600 sound module not only are you getting a boat load for your money with this electronic drum kit, you are embarking on your drumming journey with an incredibly realistic kit that mimics an acoustic kit brilliantly.

Carlsbro have designed and produced this e-drum with quality and durability at the core, Carlsbro engineers listened to what all you drummers had to say and combined technology and experience to create an electronic kit that delivers a versatile range of sound whenever you need it! What’s not to love about this kit, everything is literally at your fingertips, a range of 408 high quality percussion voices created using 30 pre-recorded drum kits, with a choice of 20 demo songs. Gone are the days of limits, the possibilities really are endless with the variation in sound and sound style you can choose from. For a significantly quieter playing experience you really do need to consider electronic drumming and drum kits!

•20 user defined drum kits
•30 Preset drum kits
•408 professional quality voices
•2.8″ TFT LCD display
•20 demo songs
•USB MIDI interface (USB to device)
•Aux in jack – line and headphone outputs
•USB data memory transfer
•Recording and playback capabilities
•Adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk
•3 band EQ, 3 ambience and 2 reverb settings

Drum Kit Includes:
•1 x Commander 600 Sound Module
•1 x 8″ Mesh Bass drum pad pad with bass kick pedal
•1 x 10″ Mesh Dual-zone Snare pad and rim shot
•2 x 8″ Mesh Dual-zone Tom pads
•1 x 10″ Mesh Dual-zone Tom pad
•1 x 12″ Hi-hat cymbal with open close stand
•2 x 12″ Dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke
•1 x 14″ Three-zone ride cymbal pad with choke
•1 x Heavy duty 4-legged drum rack
•Mounting hardware and invisible cabling
•Drumsticks and Drumstick clip holder included

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