Sabian 20″ XS20 Medium Ride Cymbal (Used)


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Sabian 20″ XS20 Medium Ride Cymbal

The XS20 is the most affordable set of B20 Cast Bronze cymbals in Sabian’s range.
B20 is considered to have the widest frequency range, therefore cymbal manucaturers can manipulate the material into many different sound specifications.
The XS20’s have been designed to represent the crisp, biting sound of vintage bright cymbals. This series is ideal for a drummer looking to upgrade a beginners set to a more intermediate level.
They are also widely recommended as a sensible first buy, as they will last far longer than any normal beginner set due to the higher quality Bronze components they are made of.

Type: Ride
Sound: Bright
Series: XS20
Size: 20″
Skill Level: Intermediate
Weight: Medium
Metal: B20 Cast Bronze
Style: Vintage

Used but in excellent condition.
No damage to edges or Keyholing.

Sabian XS20 range is a great way to enter the intermediate level of Cast Bronze cymbals.

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