Acoustic Percussion GJ3 Sonorous (Soft) ‘Becken’ cymbal mallets (pr)


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Acoustic GJ3 Sonorous (Soft) ‘Becken’ cymbal mallets (pr)

Acoustic Percussion introduce the ‘Graham Johns Signature Series’ Becken range of suspended cymbal mallets.

The GJ3 Sonorous suspended cymbal mallets offer a very full and rich tone on medium to large cymbals, yet retaining clarity of stroke.

Great for long dramatic rolls on large cymbals as found in Respighi ‘Pines of Rome’ and Ravel ‘Daphnis and Chloe’.

Also great for individual legato strokes on small/medium cymbals.

Each pair has a rubber comfort grip for added control.

Instrument: Suspended cymbals
Tone: Sonorous
Weight: 35gr
Colour: Midnight Blue

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